5 Questions You Must Ask A Live Wedding Band

5 Questions You Must Ask A Live Wedding Band

Welcome back to the Irresistible Groove blog! In our last post, we gave you 5 basic questions you have to ask (and a professional live wedding band should be able to answer) before you book your wedding’s entertainment. If you missed it, be sure to read 5 Tips For Choosing Your Live Wedding Band! Today, we are going to dive a little deeper and provide you with more tips and questions to ask a prospective live wedding band to make sure you get the reception that you have always wanted.

5 Questions You Have to Ask A Prospective Live Wedding Band

Getting as much information about a prospective live wedding band is a must. Not only will it help you grasp the level of professionalism of the band you could hire for your wedding, but it will also help you to be sure you hire the perfect band!

Have You Played At Our Venue?

A band that has played at the venue of your reception may have the advantage to not only ensure the sound quality they are able to produce, but also for streamlining the setup and teardown process. Though a professional band will have no problem with a new venue, it is always valuable to get an idea of a band’s experience and how prepared they are to handle a new situation and the complications that can occur.

How Many Hours Are Included?

Most bands and DJs have a minimum amount of time that they will play; they may have a maximum as well. When asking how many hours they will play, be sure to find out how much they charge for additional hours and how many breaks they will be taking.

Would You Have to Rent Any Equipment?

Getting the sense of how much equipment the band needs is important. Why? It will determine not only the space needed to accommodate them but also who is responsible for renting any additional equipment. Will you need to rent the sound equipment and lighting or will they?

Need Live Entertainment for your wedding?

How Do You Maintain a Comfortable Sound Level?

The type of reception as well as the guests in attendance can impact the sound level of your live music. You want guests to enjoy the music, but also those less inclined to dancing shouldn’t have to shout to be heard over the music. Ask the band how they can accommodate these needs.

What Do You Wear?

A live band will usually have several outfits for you to choose from. Though it won’t necessarily make or break your reception, it is important to consider how the band will be dressed.

Do You Use Lighting?

Some bands may bring with them lights, special effects, and even a fog machine, while others may have a classic, basic setup. Ask the band about what they offer and see if that fits your vision for your reception.

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