How To Have the Best Wedding Reception

Are you getting ready to plan your wedding reception? If you are like most couples, you may be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to planning your reception. Those inclined to party planning may be excited to plan one of the biggest parties of their lives. However, those who tend to be less socially inclined may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to even create a reception. Today, on the Irresistible Groove blog, we are going to help you plan your reception.

5 Questions That You Must Answer Before You Plan Your Reception

When you are planning one of the biggest parties of the year, it is easy to get bogged down with catering options, venue reservations, and other considerations. Though these are all aspects of your reception that are important to consider, it can be more productive and easier to plan your party when you answer these five questions.

What is the Vibe?

One of the first places to start when planning your party is to decide the vibe of your party: do you desire a classy evening accompanied by gourmet coffee, jazz, and the pleasures of the city life? Or, do you wish for a whimsical night outside under trees gilded with twinkle lights? Or, is it time to turn it up, play your favorite “banger” hits and dance the night away? Or do you want a combination: for example, an evening beginning with a classy dinner and ending with dancing. Determining the vibe will not only help with all other planning aspects, but will also help you decide on the music that your live wedding band should play.

What is Most Important?

You also need to decide what is the most important aspect of your wedding — what is a non-negotiable event or aspect of your reception? In other words, when you dream of your reception, what is it that stands out? Is it the the meal, the location, the music, or the decorations? Prioritize what is the most important — you could make a physical list — and see what it would take to make those elements possible. You can also consider how to compromise and serve all of your wishes for your reception.

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What is Your Budget?

Your budget will make a profound impact on what your reception will ultimately be. It will dictate your decisions regarding your venue, entertainment, food, format, and everything. Before you get too far in the planning process, make sure that you know exactly how much you are willing to spend on your reception and each aspect of your reception.

What is the Format?

What do we mean by format? Format is the way in which your reception will be set up both physically and the schedule of the events themselves. The vibe of your reception will essentially determine the set up. If you are wanting a classy evening with a cityscape background, you will want to avoid those elements that are characteristic of a magical, whimsical night under the stars. Conversely, sometimes you can take elements from one theme or format and change them to fit your desired vibe. The options are endless.

What is the Guest List?

Your guest list will also determine the type of reception you should plan. More guests can mean more time is needed for various elements. However, with the right caterer and wedding planner, this may not be an issue. Though the same themes or vibes can often be created with a small or big guest list, it is required to think about how the number of attendees may affect your reception style.

Whether you are planning a small or large reception, a live wedding band can be an amazing addition. To learn about the possibilities for your wedding and reception in Raleigh, visit the Irresistible Groove website.